16 November 2022

A Very Happy Client


The Challenge

The services had twice tried to provide the family with a wet floor shower room. It was found that this was completely impractical and unsuitable for the client’s needs. Due to the shower tray immediately filling up with water and spilling over, leaking through the kitchen ceiling and consumer units below and showing signs of stress in the woodwork due to so much water, the shower was unusable. This had completely destroyed the confidence of the clients in getting a bathroom that worked for them. The extractor fan was far too noisy for the client and the shower head produced a spray pattern so close to the wall that they would have restricted movement, a huge issue for their involuntary movements.


The Solution

Within two months, the team at Care & Repair identified where the changes needed to be made, communicated this to the Occupational Therapist, client and contractors and set to work, completing a successful project in a fraction of the time it had taken the previous organisation.

They fitted an overhead shower head that would provide better freedom of movement and fitted the dial to the wall to ensure the temperature controls were secure and could not be pulled off. A dish floor was fitted to the whole of the wet room floor to prevent the water from filling up and causing floods, leaks and escaping onto the landing. Under-floor heating was put in instead of a radiator. An extractor fan was fitted in the loft to reduce the amount of noise produced.

Our team are super happy to have helped a household completely regain their confidence in having a home that works for them after experiencing many problems with their bathroom.

A recent adaptation that demonstrates the time taken by our team to tailor the home environment to a client’s needs identifies us as the first organisation to provide long-term solutions to the barriers felt by the client and to the damage caused to other areas of the home.

This wet floor shower room is effective in preventing leaks and flooding, accommodating their specific developmental needs and providing a comfortable experience.

“I am so happy with everything. The amount of input was huge, they engaged with me, communication was brilliant and they spent a lot of time understanding our needs”

“I was really chuffed that Care & Repair straight away got to grips with the project brief, it was informed by the client needs. A finished product that does what it says, designed to cater to the individual needs of this particular client. I do recommend the services to people who need support and expertise”