1 July 2022 Services

Deafblind Awareness Week 2022


In light of Deafblind Awareness Week (27th – 3rd July 2022), we want to highlight our past and present experiences of supporting clients in their homes who are struggling with sight and hearing loss, therefore making it harder for them to move safely around their home and to require frequent advice and support from their GP and carers. Our staff are trained and experienced in quickly identifying any risks that are associated with sensory impairment and in identifying a long-term solution.

Here is one of the stories of a client we helped through our Support Team:

An elderly client with a family was registered as blind and was struggling to use her downstairs toilet without bumping her legs, which caused her to develop wounds and bruising to her legs, due to her limited vision and being unsteady on her feet. The support worker from Care & Repair went out to do the assessment and was aware that these could develop into ulcers if a solution was not found soon. It was decided after a discussion with the client and her family that a raised toilet in red and red grab rails would be the best option. Once the toilet seat was fitted at the correct height and the toilet itself was tested and made secure, the client expressed that she felt she had gained back some independence as previously a family member had to escort her to the toilet and felt so much more confident and safer. This also improved their quality of life and more time spent enjoying the company of her family rather than going to constant doctor appointments for her issues relating to her bruises and wounds , as the risk of injury had been reduced.

We will always focus on the requirements of the individual and will find solutions that will alleviate the stress for family members and carers. We will always be happy to provide advice on how to manage a sensory condition in the home and we value our links with other organisations that provide expert advice.

1 July 2022 Services