24 May 2022 Press Release Recognition Services

Fuel Poverty


Our Support and Services Teams are working hard to address the growing issue of fuel poverty, by identifying those most in need through our robust referral and assessment programmes.

Having identified a need and following a home visit which includes a  personalised assessment, suitable equipment and appliances to suit the needs of the client are identified and arrangements are made for the supply of the items to the client at a time that suits them.

Supported by the efficient and responsive communication provided by our Customer Services Team and the effective attention to detail and empathetic approach led by our Support Workers, this scheme will ensure our clients are provided for during the hardest months of the year. Many are faced with choosing between eating and heating their homes due to the rising prices of fuel and a reduction in household income as a result. As the number of households significantly affected by fuel poverty is set to rise above three million, this is an urgent problem that we aim to tackle.

With the support of Leeds City Council, we are prioritising our Place Based Fuel Poverty Scheme which will aim to provide more convenient and less expensive means of cooking and heating to the most vulnerable in our community.