What we do


Care & Repair Leeds is the Home Improvement Agency for Leeds and has been assisting older and disabled people to live in a warm, safe and secure environment since 1987. It is an independent agency with charitable status and provides services across the whole of the Leeds Metropolitan District area.

The aim of the agency is to improve people’s living conditions, promote independence through enhancing health and quality of life, and enable people to remain living in their own home or return to their home following discharge from hospital.

We provide a wide range of cost-effective, efficient, client-centred services, which are flexible and can be adapted and tailored to meet specific needs. Our clients are offered access to all of our services and where we are unable to meet all their needs ourselves, we refer or signpost on to our partner organisations. We also ofer an entirely self funded scheme for clients who are not eligible for grants or funding and have the means to pay themselves.

We are supported in our work by several funders, including Leeds City Council, Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, charitable trusts and donations. We also welcome the support of volunteers who are invaluable in assisting our commitment to improving the lives of Leeds residents.


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