Where it is not feasible to build an extension to a property due to the space available – both loft & garage conversions can make the most of existing space in a home.

  • Can provide additional space for bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, de-escalation rooms.
  • Can include bathroom facilities such as wet floor showers, showers, toilets etc

This also includes change of use; for example, converting reception rooms to downstairs sleeping areas with bathrooms or fitting an en-suite into an existing bedroom.


A brother, Mr. E  and sister, Miss E  have a rare form of muscular dystrophy, a degenerative condition meaning they will both need increasingly high levels of care over their lives.
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What our partners say

I have found Care and Repair to be an extremely valuable service. They always respond quickly to referrals and communication from them regarding any issues is excellent.

What our clients say

He loves his new space and has really settled in. It has given him so much confidence and independence I just didn’t expect… it’s been heart warming to watch.” – Disabled adaptation, bedroom and bathroom