At Care & Repair, we try to help everyone needing work to their homes, to maintain their independence and well-being, whatever their income and resources.

Adaptations may possibly be subsidised or covered by a Disabled Facilities Grant from the Council.

If you are not eligible for financial help through a grant we can still help you with the process of getting work done through ourSelf Funded Adaptations & Home Improvements scheme.


How self-funded adaptations & home improvements works

We meet with you and your family to identify your needs

We provide you with a dedicated project manager who will manage the entire process from start to finish and you will receive a personalised plan, so you know what is happening and when.

We carry out surveys and designs and liaise with architects.

We provide the best value quote.

We work directly with vetted and trusted tradespeople and make sure everything happens on schedule.

We even handle all the finances, ensuring the builders and fitters are only paid when you are completely satisfied with the finished work.

With over 30 years’ experience, you can rely on our award-winning team to make your home improvements / adaptations and bathroom modifications stress and hassle free, leaving you with a new lease of life.

We have an imaginative and adaptable approach working closely with the individual and/or family to make what you want possible in your own home.

We are a trusted partner of the Leeds City Council and the NHS.

There is no waiting list! When you’re ready to start, we’ll be there.

Contact Rhiannon Eckley, our Technical Administrator to find out more:


Tel: 0113 391 8338

What our partners say

“The service is great both for hospital and community OT’s. The staff are usually really flexible and accommodating wherever possible, and it is great to be able to discuss directly with the fitter when needed.”