The Heating and Energy Efficiency Service delivers support to a wide range of people who may have a combination of needs.

To qualify for this service you need to pay council tax to Leeds City Council, be over 60 years of age with a household income of less than £30,000, and savings of less than £16,000 or,
You are expecting or have dependent children up to 18 years old living in the same property;
You have a disability or long-term health condition (respiratory, cardiac or enduring mental health);
You are a single person household.

Download our Home Plus (Leeds) leaflet here as a PDF.

Available support includes...


Providing replacements and repairs to radiators, gas or electric fires and boilers and supplying draught-proofing, CO detectors, thermostats. Preventing condensation, mould growth and damp in the home.

Energy Saving Measures

Supplying appliances such as LED lightbulbs, reflective radiator panels, power saving devices and providing support with switching energy providers, debt negotiation with energy companies, registering on the Priority Services Register.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How warm should a home be?

    It is recommended to keep a home between 18 to 21 degrees to reduce the long-term respiratory conditions that frequently occur during the winter months.

  • What support can we provide if someone is not eligible for the funding?

    We can still signpost onto other support services to help you find the most affordable option for you, in terms of energy tariffs and suppliers, claiming discounts and benefits and accessing the best advice. We can put you in touch with our partners, the Green Doctors, to supply you with the best energy advice.

  • How do I know if I am eligible or not?

    We can help any household with an income of less than £30k and savings less than 16K and

    • Who are over age of 65 or

    • Pregnant or living with dependent children under 18 years old or

    • Has a disability or long term health condition: respiratory, diabetes, arthritis or enduring mental health