Home Plus (Leeds)


Making homes safe, suitable and warm.

Home Plus (Leeds) is for those at serious risk of falling, are struggling to heat their home or pay heating bills, who needs help with repairs that may cause hazards in their home or who needs information and advice to maintain their independence.

You must meet certain criteria to receive this service find out more here.

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Our Home Plus Services

Falls Prevention

This service provides support to a diverse range of people who may be experiencing a combination of challenges that affect their ability to live independently and maintain good health in their own homes.
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Heating and Energy

This Service delivers support to a wide range of people who may have a combination of needs which is impacting on the ability to live independently and healthily in their own home.
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Hazard Repairs

This service is specifically designed to address essential repairs, including electrical, plumbing, and joinery works, but it is available exclusively to homeowners who pay their council tax to Leeds City Council.
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Information & Advice

Our dedicated team are ready to offer guidance, answer your queries, and provide you with valuable information help you make informed decisions about your home and circumstances
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Take a look at how we helped a client through a home assessment.

What our partners say…

“The service is great both for hospital and community Occupational Therapists. The staff are usually really flexible and accommodating wherever possible, and it is great to be able to discuss directly with the fitter when needed. Thank you.

We have helped over 30,000 people to regain their independence after a stay in hospital.”