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From basic essential repairs to larger adaptations our Building Services cover it all. 

We work with you to find out your specific needs before arranging a visit from a member of our experienced team.

We manage projects from conception to delivery, overseeing all works.

Our highly experienced team are specialists in accessible design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you take referrals from friends and family?

    Yes, it is often that we receive referrals from friends and family on behalf of someone and we accept these, as long as the person being referred is happy for them to do so.


  • How will mine or a family/friend’s details be shared?

    We will share this with our trusted contractors and members of the team, so that they are able to contact you and keep you informed throughout the process. All personal information is stored securely on our client database.

    We will always ask for your consent to share personal information such as full name, address and telephone number before the project begins. In addition, we will ask that anyone providing information on behalf of someone else has that person’s consent.

    We may ask for consent to take pictures of the work in progress throughout the project as well, to show how the work is taking shape and circulate in our communications resources, such as our website and social media, information leaflets and display material. We will never share personal details and will make sure that you have understood how these will be used and have the chance to give permission before the project begins.

  • How long does the project take?

    This depends on the type of adaptation. For an extension, the entire project, from beginning to end, will take approximately 12 months, whereas a bathroom adaptation will take approximately 1.5 months. The work that takes place at your home will take approximately 2 weeks for a bathroom adaptation and 12 weeks for an extension. These timescales are dependent on the scope of the project and would be set out at the pre-start meeting.

  • What if there is a problem during the project and something isn’t right or needs changing?

    Care & Repair are the main point of contact throughout the project. A member of the technical team will carry out routine site surveys, but they can be contacted directly should an issue arise between visits.

  • What if there are problems at the end of the project?

    Our experienced technical team carry out a thorough inspection of the work before signing off a project and if, for any reason, some of the work is incomplete or not to the desired standard, we will make sure it is completed efficiently before signing off. The project has a 12-month warranty by Care & Repair after signing off.

  • Can I contact Care & Repair after a project is complete?

    We provide a warranty period of 12 months, however we will endeavour to provide advice and support for any issues that may arise at any point in the future. You can speak to the team following the project if you have queries or concerns.

  • Do you charge for the service?

    A lot of our services are funded by Leeds City Council under various funding schemes. Many are means tested and in order to see if you are eligible for the service and funding we may have to ask questions regarding your household income or savings before work commences.

    We also offer projects for people who are not eligible for funding but still want help to adapt their home and can afford to. Many people in this position come to us as we can offer expertise in the field of adaptations and reliable contractors to deliver the projects. All our contractors are thoroughly vetted prior to becoming approved, including holding a DBS check (formally CRB check).

    For more information, get in contact with a member of our team.

  • What are disabled facilities grants (DFG)?

    These are means tested grants that can pay for a range of home adaptations in the home of a disabled person. It’s available to homeowners, private or housing association tenants up to the value of £30,000. It is a government funded scheme which is provided by your local city council.

    If you live in Leeds you can find more information here.

    If you live outside Leeds you should be able to find more information on the process in your area by looking on your local council website.

  • What if I live in a council property?

    The first port of call for any adaptations works if you live in a council property is to speak to your housing office to discuss your needs. You may be eligible for funding through the council as opposed to coming directly to us.

  • What if I own my own home?

    Even though you own your own home you may still be eligible for DFG funding through the council depending on your financial situation and adaptation needs. To begin this process please see more info here or call 0113 222 4403 (for children) or 0113 222 4401 (for adults).

    Some of our in-house services are available to homeowners depending on their income so please feel free to call if you need more information.