The Hazard Repairs service is specifically designed to address essential repairs.

Anyone paying their council tax to Leeds City Council qualifies for this service under the following criteria:

60 years or over, homeowners and in receipt of council tax support
Under 60 years, homeowners and in receipt of council tax support and a disability benefit
For essential repair of faults within the home which constitute a hazard to the client.

This service is limited to one intervention a year.

Download our Home Plus (Leeds) leaflet here as a PDF.

Available support includes...

Wet Plumbing

Repairs to blocked and leaking toilets. Repairs to existing showers. Replacing seals around baths and sinks.


Fitting and raising sockets to reduce trips, repairing and replacing broken light switches.


Fitting or repositioning shelves, repairs and clearing gutters, repairs to loose/uneven floorboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who qualifies for the Hazard Repairs Service?

    You will qualify for the Hazard Repairs Service if you pay your Council Tax to Leeds City Council and are:

    60 years or older, own your own home and are in receipt of Council Tax Benefit;
    Under 60 years, own your own home and are in receipt of both Council Tax Benefit and either PIP or DLA.

    The Hazard Repairs Service covers essential plumbing, electrical and joinery works up to the value of £100 and is limited to one job per year.

  • I live in council, housing association, sheltered or private rented accommodation. Who is responsible for work and what can Care & Repair do to help me?

    Your landlord will be responsible for main repairs, for example, to the structure and exterior of your home, heating, water etc. You may be responsible for some repairs and this will be set out in your tenancy agreement.

    First check if the repairs you need are your landlord’s responsibility and if they are not, please also check whether you need your landlord’s permission to repair or improve the property. You can then can contact us in the usual way.

  • What happens if I can’t afford to pay for repairs to my house?

    We have some limited grants available for minor repairs for home owners.

    To qualify for a grant you must be over 60 and in receipt of Council Tax Support or, if you are under 60,  be in receipt of Council Tax Support and Disability Benefit.

    If you do not receive these benefits our Support Workers can check you are receiving your benefit entitlement and advise how to make a claim.

  • What if I can pay for the work that needs doing, but I am unsure where to start, what needs doing and who to trust?

    We hold the Leeds Directory of trusted and vetted service providers.

    You can go online or call our helpline on 0113 3784610.

    If you would like more support with the work needed in your home, we can offer a full repairs/building service to ensure you get the right work done at the right price and of the right quality.

    Please call our friendly customer service team for more information on our Supported Repairs and Improvements Service 0113 240 6009.

What our Clients say…

“I now feel a lot safer and this is down to the amount of support I received from different places that was set off by the initial referral. I look forward to having more dealings with Care & Repair in future. 

What a wonderful service they provide and I count myself fortunate to have been guided in their direction.”