Heating and Energy Efficiency


Heating and Energy Efficiency (all households)

We can help any household with an income of less than £21k and savings less than 16K and

  • Who are over age of 65 or
  • Pregnant or living with dependent children under 18 years old or
  • Has a disability or long term health condition: respiratory, diabetes, arthritis or enduring mental health

Examples of the energy efficiency measures that we provide help with:

  • Servicing and repairs of heating appliances
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Energy switching service and advice
  • Gas safety checks
  • Emergency Heaters & winter warmth packs
  • Warm Homes Discount
  • Finding the cheapest tariffs
  • Negotiating debt repayment plans where necessary
  • Fit energy saving LED lightbulbs
  • Draught –proofing window and doors
  • Reflective radiator panels
  • Water-saving measures

Heating and Energy Efficiency

Mrs T has been recently widowed during lockdown after her partner lost his battle with Cancer.
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