5 July 2022

Working With The Client to Meet Their Needs


The Challenge

A client living with arthritis and joint and muscle disorders had been allocated funding to have her bathroom adapted, but the costs didn’t include a bath which she needed to help her relax her joints and manage her muscle disorders. She was advised that she would have to self fund the extra to cover the costs of including a bath.

She referred herself to Care & Repair for support to ensure the bathroom adaptations included a bath.

The Solution

Once C&R were involved we worked on behalf of the client to produce sufficient evidence that the client did require a bath as part of the adaptations, by acquiring proof, in writing, from her GP. As a result this addition cost was approved and the Care & Repair Building Services team took on the work with a bath as part of the adaptations.

The contractors removed all fittings and installed a new electric shower with extended hose, carefully positioned at the right height above the new fitted shower seat, a new bath, slip resistant flooring, chrome towel radiator and a vanity unit as an extra add-on, thanks to our team’s extensive design knowledge and understanding of tailor made solutions to fit the client’s needs.

Our team ensured that the wet room fitting involved the best quality appliances and ensuring that the client agreed with the new placement of the appliances. This included their involvement in the decision to apply slip-resistant flooring and in the supply and installation of the tiles.

Once the work was completed our Technical Officers checked it all thoroughly, including that tile sealant in place and complete, all rails were secure and the ceiling painting had been neatly done.