5 July 2022

Flexible Bathroom Adaptation


The Challenge

A lady with arthritis and joint and muscle disorders required the funding for a wetroom and had been allocated the money by the council. She had tried to get some funding for a bath, claiming that this was important for her to manage her disorders better. The council stated that she would not be able to receive extra funding for this.


The Solution

She heard about Care & Repair’s services through the council and made referred herself to us. Our major adaptations team ensured that the council received sufficient evidence that the client required the support by attaining this proof in writing from her GP. This was approved and the Care & Repair team began to carry out the work on the existing bathroom through a full removal of existing appliances, including existing bath and shower. The team ensured that the wetroom fitting involved the best quality appliances and ensuring that the client agreed with the new placement of the appliances. This included their involvement in the decision to apply slip-resistant flooring and in the supply and installation of the tiles.


The expertise and experience of our Technical Officers meant that all areas were thoroughly checked for issues, such as that all tile sealing was in place and complete, all rails were secure and the ceiling painting had been neatly done. The addition of a vanity unit above the newly installed bath was an extra fitting that presents our team’s extensive design knowledge combined with the ability to provide tailor-made solutions that fits the client’s needs.