31 January 2023

How We Have Helped Someone Through Enhance


The Challenge

Mr R is a 94-year-old man who lives on his own. Mr R was referred to the Enhance programme by his Occupational therapy lead after recent discharge from hospital due to having a hernia removed. Mr R was referred to ensure he had adequate equipment and rails to allow him to have safe movement around his home.

On the first visit it was apparent that Mr R was receiving a lot of help from his daughter who was his main carer who would take Mr R to the bank to pay his bills, take him shopping for his weekly groceries and help with cleaning and sometimes cooking.

On the second visit Mr R informed us that his daughter had unexpectedly passed away that week. As Mr R’s circumstances had changed so dramatically, we had to completely review his needs under the Enhance programme as his daughter had previously been Mr G’s main carer.


The Solution

The Enhance programme identified that:

. Mr R was able to move safely around his home without the need for any grab rails to be installed.

. Mr R struggled with his laundry as he had to walk to the local laundrette to dry his clothes. This was a challenge due to his poor eyesight and he had to cross busy roads.

. There was no Co2 detector fitted where the boiler was installed

. Mr R was likely to need help with his shopping

. Help was possibly needed to allow Mr G to pay his bills by direct debit

. Help was also possibly needed to keep the home clean

. Mr R had been using a chip pan to cook (possible fire hazard)

. Support was needed with transport to hospital appointments

. Mr R has a granddaughter who may offer support

. Help was needed with regard to collecting prescriptions


The Enhance programme supported Mr R by:

. Providing a Welcome Pack containing basic essentials.

. Completing a Home Assessment for the instalment of rails. No action was needed as Mr R manages to move around his home safely

. Making a referral to Green Doctor to provide Mr R with a Co2 detector and clothes airer to enable Mr R to dry his clothes at home, so minimising the risks associated with getting to the launderette

. Making a referral to Adult Social Care regarding an assessment for a care package to help Mr R with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and shopping

. Giving him information on setting up direct debits so reducing his reliance on his granddaughter

. Contacting Mr R’s granddaughter to inform her what had been put in place and to see what level of support she was able to offer her grandfather. The granddaughter said she was able to assist with the shopping and cleaning.  The C&R Enhance Support Worker gave her his contact details in case she too needed support.

. Referring Mr R to Care & Repair’s Fuel Poverty Scheme. Mr R was provided with an air fryer to replace the potentially dangerous hot oil chip pan. (Was there a smoke alarm fitted?)

. Giving information on the NHS Hospital Transport Service, directing him to the number on the appointment letter to call. Alternatively, he could ring the C&R Enhance Support Worker to arrange transport for him

. Contacting his GP to arrange home delivery of Mr R’s prescriptions.