13 December 2021

Managing long-term conditions through our Falls Service


The Challenge

An elderly lady who been struggling with poor mobility due to dealing with her arthritis and lymphoedema was not able to use the side door of her house, and was afraid to use the stairs alone. She lived with her husband, but knew that she needed further support from a service provider.

She approached Care & Repair and a support worker came to assess the home environment and speak to her to identify any other support she could be offered. Her biggest worry was her hands slipping on the dado rail at the top of the staircase and possibly falling on the stairs – this was a huge barrier to her independence. She  was  also struggling to get on and off the toilet safely.



The Solution

Care & Repair arranged for a banister rail and newel rails to be installed on the stairs to enable her to use the stairs safely. Similarly, grab rails were installed on each side of the side door which helped her to access the property safely. A toilet frame and a rail next to the toilet were also installed.

Our client’s confidence improved rapidly following these interventions and had a major positive impact on her overall wellbeing and feelings of safety in her home.