3 May 2023

From Overcrowded to Spacious


The Challenge

A lady living with her two children had been struggling to use the stairs, bend down and walk easily in her semi-detached council home due to her fibromyalgia.  Her condition had deteriorated significantly in the last couple of years leading to her needing to use a wheelchair.

Her O.T. (Occupational Therapist) reviewed her circumstances in the home, the main issues were overcrowding, accessing the stairs, and the kitchen which was a struggle to use safely. Leaving/entering her home using a wheelchair was also difficult.


The Solution

At the O.T.’s request and working with the client a ground floor bedroom and bathroom extension was planned by the Care & Repair team, leading to improvements in the kitchen layout, a more spacious living room, a larger bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

After the work was completed our client told us:

“Before, it was just a rundown council home and it was really making me depressed. Since having a better kitchen space, my choice of colour on the walls, a larger living room and bedroom, I’m a lot happier. I feel like I’ve got my independence back.”