13 April 2022

Hazard Repairs


The Challenge

AE is a 63-year-old female referred by her social worker as she required her bannister rail to be refitted because this had fallen off the wall.

This banister rail had recently been fitted by paid builders unfortunately the works were not carried out satisfactorily and this resulted in a safety concern at the property. A visit was undertaken and it was noted that the client would benefit from additional support in the property. On arrival, It was noted that the external rail leading to the main door was cracked and had come away from the wall, the client also requested another floor to wall external rail on the opposite side of the door. A referral was made to Adult Social Care.

The Solution

The client stated that she was struggling in the bathroom therefore works were raised for 2x 18 inch vertical ridge rails, she also required more specialised equipment and a referral was undertaken to Adult Social Care for a fixed toilet rail from floor to wall. The client discussed her mobility issues and lacked walking aids therefore a referral was undertaken to Domiciliary Physio to assist in this area. The client also discussed needing support within her home with organising items/ shopping, with agreement a referral was made to the Help at Home Scheme managed by Age UK.

In addition to the newly identified works, works were raised for the original request to fit a new mopstick rail on the top of the staircase plus an additional mopstick rail on the lower staircase.

During this support contact with made with the private landlord and social worker to gain authorisation for these stated works/ adaptions.