13 April 2022

Making a Home Safe Again


The Challenge

A lady in her 60s was referred by her social worker to the falls service at Care & Repair. She had had a banister fitted privately but this had resulted in a safety concern at the property.

When a Care & Repair Support Worker came to assess the home, they immediately found that the rail leading to the front door had come away from the wall and needed replacing as it was cracked. They listened to the lady’s request for a rail on the opposite side of the door and made a referral to Adult Social Care.

During the visit, our client also described her mobility problems around the home, in particular in the bathroom.

The Solution

Care & Repair arranged to fit two ridge rails to the wall to assist with bathing and a referral was made to Adult Social Care to fix a toilet rail from floor to wall.

Two extra rails were fitted to the top and bottom of the staircase and a referral for walking aids was made to Domiciliary Physio to assist.

A referral was also made to the Age UK Help at Home scheme for support with shopping and organising items.

Both the private landlord and our client’s social worker were kept informed on all new fittings and interventions.