13 April 2022

A Client’s Journey to Heating her Home


The Challenge

A lady living alone after her husband lost his battle with cancer during lockdown had arthritic knees, asthma and was struggling to hear.

This caused her problems with maintaining the house, having to deal with the grief and relying on her pension whilst the will went through probate.

The home was only heated by electric heaters as her asthma was affected by dry heat from central heating.

The Solution

Our Support Worker carried out a home assessment and identified several areas of the home where she was struggling and could do with further support. She agreed to accept help once the Support Worker had built trust with her.

We made a referral to Welfare Rights for a review of her benefits and to apply for Personal Independence Payment.

A referral to the Fire Service to install vibrating smoke alarms.

Our partner organisation, Green Doctors, were contacted to sort out cheaper electricity so the heating would be affordable in the long-term.

Our client accepted help from a support worker from Adult Social Care and a referral was made for help in the home and a weekly welfare chat over the phone.

Since this time, her Personal Independence Payment has been successful and she is receiving regular support from a member of the team through Adult Social Care.