13 April 2022

Heating and Energy Efficiency


The Challenge

Mrs T has been recently widowed during lockdown after her partner lost his battle with Cancer.

Mrs T is living with arthritic knees, asthma and she is hard of hearing. She now lives alone and finds that she is struggling with things like maintaining the upkeeping of the house and cleaning tasks as she relied on her partner for this. Mrs T is still very upset and grieving, the will is going through probate still leaving her in limbo financially and not claiming any benefits relying on a widow’s pension. She misses her partner terribly and despite some bereavement counselling feels lost and not able to focus on normal daily activities. The house is heated by electric heaters only as Mrs T’s asthma is made worse by the dry heat from central heating.

The Solution

The support worker identified that Mrs T needed help with various elements and although Mrs T was clearly embarrassed and upset about neglecting the household chores she was agreeable to accepting help once she had gained the trust of the support worker.

A referral was made to the Welfare Rights unit to review her benefits and apply for PIP as she was clearly not managing with personal care due to her health conditions.

The Fire service were accessed to install Vibrating smoke alarms.

Mrs T agreed to be contacted by Green Doctor to look into her electricity bills and organise cheaper electricity to make heating more affordable for her.

After much discussion about assistance to help with regular cleaning, Mrs T was referred to Adult Social Care for home help and support from a Social Worker to work through some of the barriers she was facing to enable her to live a more independent life.

Mrs T accepted help from a social worker who has arranged a weekly welfare chat over the phone. Welfare Rights have applied for PIP and her application has been successful in increasing her monthly income. She now has regular support from Adult Social Care to work through her problems stage by stage.