3 November 2022

Wet Room Transformation


The Challenge

A family with a teenager with developmental problems, including noise sensitivity and involuntary movement and a mental health illness was finding it very difficult to use the wet-floor shower room installed twice by their own Housing Management services.

The wet-floor shower rooms installed were impractical and unsuitable for the client’s needs. The shower tray filled up and overflowed, leaking through to the kitchen and causing stress on the woodwork of units below due to water damage. The extractor fan was so noisy it disturbed the client who was sensitive to noise, and the show head produced a spray pattern so close to the wall it was incompatible to the clients involuntary movements.

The result of these two failed attempts to provide adequate bathroom facilities meant that the clients no longer had any confidence there was a bathroom solution for them.

The Solution

A referral to the team at Care & Repair Building Services resulted in the changes that should be made being identified swiftly and these were communicated to the O.T. (Occupational Therapist), client and contractors.

Once work started the project was completed successfully and in a fraction of the time it had taken previously.

An overhead shower head was fitted, allowing for more freedom of movement, and the dial was fitted to the wall meaning the temperature controls were secure. A dish floor fitted to the whole wet room prevented floods, leaks and water escaping onto the landing, as had previously been the case.

Under-floor heating was installed instead of a radiator, and an extractor fan was fitted in the loft to reduce the amount of noise produced within the confines of the wet room.

What our Clients say…

“I am so happy with everything. The amount of input was huge, they engaged with me, communication was brilliant and they spent a lot of time understanding my needs.”