Home Plus Leeds


Home Plus is a service aimed at enabling and maintaining independent living through improving health at home, helping to prevent falls and cold related health conditions.

Care & Repair Leeds, in partnership with Groundwork NEWY and Age UK Leeds, has been awarded Leeds City Council’s contract to help people live safely and independently in their own homes by addressing risks to health such as falls and lack of adequate heating. Home Plus (Leeds) started on 1st October 2018 and continues to support vulnerable people across the city of Leeds.

Who will benefit from using Home Plus ?

Home Plus is for people who:

  • Need help after Hospital Discharge
  • Need support to prevent Falls
  • Need heating advice, support & additional measures
  • Need help with hazard repairs to your home
  • Will benefit from information & Advice to maintain independence

If there is someone you know who may benefit from these services, please contact our friendly Customer Services Team.
An initial assessment will be completed over the phone, which may be followed up by a home visit.

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What does Home Plus provide?

Comprehensive home assessment to identify client needs

  • Free rails and equipment to reduce the risk of and prevent falls (any tenure).
  • Free servicing and repairs to existing heating and hot water systems (homeowners).
  • CO-detectors and emergency heating.
  • Assistance with hazard repairs for homeowners.
  • Free independent support, information and advice on switching tariffs and energy suppliers/dealing with energy debts/help to claim Warm Home Discount/support to apply for priority register (any tenure).
  • Installation of free simple energy-saving devices such as energy-efficient light bulbs/ draughtproofing/reflective radiator panels (any tenure).
  • Information, advice and assistance with benefits like Attendance Allowance, Pension Credit and Housing Benefit.

What our partners say…

“The service is great both for hospital and community OT’s. The staff are usually really flexible and accommodating wherever possible, and it is great to be able to discuss directly with the fitter when needed. Thank you, We have helped over 30,000 people to regain their independence after a stay in hospital”

What our clients say

What a brilliant service, the stair rail is simply beautiful and has allowed my husband to be discharged from hospital as he failed his stair assessment. Thank you so much.