Mental Health at Work

Care & Repair Leeds believes that the health and wellbeing of our staff is of huge importance for the continued success of the organization.







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Contact Details of Care & Repair Mental Health First Aiders:

Helen Beioley

Mobile: 07706358453
Landline:0113 200 9163


Judith Dunderdale

Landline:0113 200 9150


Sharon Brooks

Landline:0113 200 9156


This space is for the attention of all staff, including contractors and other service providers.

Care & Repair recognizes the importance of optimizing mental health as a key aspect of providing care and support to clients.

Our roles often involve working with and forming rapports with vulnerable people who are impaired either physically or mentally. It is important that we manage their expectations but it is equally important that they feel listened to and supported when their personal lives, such as family relationships and financial struggles, overwhelm them. Dealing with these problems may cause staff members to feel overwhelmed and, sometimes, struggle to cope with quality of work and life.

Remember that everyone experiences and deals with poor mental health differently – some will want to confide in others and some will not.

It is still important to be able to recognise the signs of mental health problems in someone you work with and to know how to approach this. Just as important is being able to recognise any unhelpful and negative aspects of the workplace, relating to behaviour of others or the general environment that could trigger mental health problems.

Refresher Training: All staff undergo mental health and bullying/harassment awareness training courses as part of their induction.




If you feel you would benefit from more training regarding how to recognise bullying and harassment and how to spot the signs that a colleague needs support, see below:

An understanding of the roles of everyone in the organisation will allow all staff to feel valued. This can be developed through:

Catching up with other teams on their projects and targets

Thinking about how skills from individuals of other teams can be used

Encouraging opportunities for ideas from other teams every few weeks

Refreshers – joint visits between technical and support staff – any opportunities for members of the other team to share their thoughts about the progress of a project or their own individual expertise can be followed through


Ideas for wellbeing habits for staff:

Lunchtime Walks – a way of getting outside and away from the desk at lunchtimes and connecting with colleagues

Staff Activities every few weeks – studies have shown that doing something for someone else and taking an interest in others increases happiness and wellbeing

Decluttering the environment – whether at home or at work, ensuring the immediate environment is clear of clutter can have a positive impact on our mind


Link to Leeds City Council Advice for Staff in Care:

Further Information and Links:

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Mindful Employer Contacts: Contact | Mindful Employer (

Charity Sector Mental Health Support:

Bereavement Support Service:

Local Support for Loneliness:


Who to turn to in Care & Repair for support:

Care & Repair Leeds has 3 Mental Health 1st Aiders, Helen Beioley, Sharon Brooks and Judith Dunderdale, who can be accessed in person,  via telephone or through e mail. Mental Health 1st Aiders can support by being able to recognise the early signs and symptoms of common workplace mental health illnesses.