Customer Service, Admin and Compliance Manager.

Rosetta Mills


About Rosetta Mills

I have 25 yearsā€™ experience of carrying out various types of Administration roles working in the NHS and Education from 1999 – 2022. The roles carried out included Team Secretary to the Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Service, secondment roles as Personal Assistant to Director of Public Health and to Director of Operations in North East PCT, Senior Administrator role, managing the admin staff of Chapeltown & Wetherby Health Centres, to name a few!

The experience I have garnered over the years has equipped me to be able to carry out my role as Executive Assistant to the CEO, with excellence, supporting her and the SMT in various ways.

My recent experience of stepping into an Interim role of Customer Service Manager, in November 2023, has been both interesting and enjoyable, in terms of getting to know the Customer Service Administrators, supporting them, and ensuring that as we work together as a Team, we ensure our clients receive the quality service and experience expected from Care & Repair Leeds.

In my spare time I co-manage a Netball Club, which is part of England Netball and the West Yorkshire Netball League. My passion is coaching players both juniors and seniors to strive for excellence!