The Story of a Client

A recent case of someone who fell through the cracks

A woman with two children and another on the way was in desperate need of a working bathroom after her existing one had been left in a state of disrepair by some unskilled workmen.

With a lack of mobility and some mental health problems, alongside parenting responsibilities, the young woman needed support from people she could trust.

No disposable income and no extra funding from the council, she was in contact through our self-funded scheme. However, the cost of the repair work that would usually be charged to a private client was considerably reduced in her case. This reduction was still beyond what she can afford and the rest of the money will need to come from our donations.

This is not the only story of its kind in Leeds and, with the growing cost of living crisis, there will be more cases like this soon to appear. Help the people of the city who are struggling the most through a single donation or a regular small donation.