1 August 2022

Bathroom Adaptations Scheme Case Study


The Challenge

A lady living with spinal stenosis and had been struggling to use her bath properly.

She had no other adaptations and needed support with washing, as after using the bath to lie down in properly for bathing, she required immediate help to get herself out again. She had to keep relying on her family bathroom facilities during this time, and was in desperate need of regaining some independence back into her day-to-day living.
When contacting her housing association for support, she was told that she could not have an adaptation fitted through their services.


The Solution

By contacting Occupational Health, she was made aware of the adaptations that would be possible to carry out and was introduced to Care & Repair services. Following contact made by an occupational therapist, two members of the Major Adaptations team came out to assess the existing bath and identify essential changes required, before planning and implementing the project for the contractors. Everything was decided and all issues were addressed at the initial meeting, clear communication made with the client on the work that would be delivered and any questions at this stage were answered.

The contractors immediately came out to assess and begin the work following the planning. Both the removal of existing tiling and bath were carried out with care and ease of access in mind, and were replaced with thermostatic mixer shower, waterproof adhesive tiles, humidistat fan, light fitting, grab rail and shower rail were fitted with the client needs in mind and all with compliance to Building Regulations. The tiling around the sink area was also replaced with brand new waterproof adhesive tiles complete with tile grout, as a courtesy from the contractors at no extra cost. Within a day of beginning the project, the contractors had completed the works and the work was signed off by Care & Repair the following week.

The client stated that, throughout the process, she was kept up to date with everything, including any changes or delays, received clear responses to any questions and regular updates on everything regarding the work, providing her with complete peace of mind. Upon the final inspection from the Major Adaptations team, she stated that “everything is perfect”, she “could not fault the contractors” and that they were “fantastic at turning this around”.