Information, Advice & Support


Our Home Plus service provides advice and information to everyone. We can meet face to face or talk over the phone to provide guidance and support for your concerns.

We will ensure that our clients are in receipt of the right benefits and are made aware of their eligibility – we will always ask and can provide advice and assistance with identifying and claiming these benefits.

If we find that there is a need for greater care for yourself or your family member when we visit your home, we can investigate your needs further, provide you with details of other services or refer you onto the appropriate services ourselves.

Once we visit your home, we can understand your current needs and whether they have changed, either in the last few weeks, months or years. If your financial circumstances have changed, you may be unsure as to where to begin. We will make the effort to provide you with the correct information ourselves or provide you with the details of an organisation offering expertise on the situation.

When we help our clients, we want to ensure they feel safe and supported both inside and outside the home. We can provide you links to organisations and groups in your local area to suit your needs and to help you stay connected to others as well as mentally and physically healthy.

We ensure that no individual is treated less favourably than another regardless of race, religion, beliefs, sexual preference including gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans+ equality, employment status, domestic situation, gender, age or parental status.

Free support and advice for switching energy tariffs and suppliers, how to approach energy debts and support with navigating any debt repayment plans, for instance, changing from Universal Credit to Disability Living Allowance.