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Putting care at the centre of Care & Repair

How we support the most vulnerable:

As much as possible, we try to supply our clients with the funding needed to improve and repair their home. However, if they do not meet the requirements for funding and also struggle to pay for the work themselves, they tend to be overlooked and their struggles are unseen and unheard. This is where we need your help.

Our Hardship Fund is set up to receive payments, large or small, that can go towards some of or a significant amount of a repairs job for a client in these situations. Anything that we receive will be used to ensure that someone without a working toilet for several weeks will have it fixed, a family that cannot use their water may be able to have their taps finally replaced and an elderly lady is finally able to leave her home with peace of mind after the extra funding covered a replacement lock for the front door.

The funding exists to cover essential repairs and improvements in exceptional circumstances. We will ensure that the people in the city of Leeds do not fall through the cracks.

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“There’s no price on peace of mind, you get control back over your own life.”


“I can’t believe we were looked after so well”


“Without Care & Repair, we wouldn’t have a working boiler.”


“They have taken on board our needs and delivered a tailor-made solution to us.”

How to Donate:

It’s simple. We offer three forms of receiving your donation:

You can click below to access the online donations via Paypal.

If you would like to send to our address, please fill out the leaflet with your details and return to our office.

By leaving a gift in your will, you are ensuring that our services can continue to operate and develop, supporting the people of Leeds to have a better quality of living. Through improvements to their home and to their health, our clients will live longer, fuller lives.


One-off Donations

Today can be a one-off donation to cover the cost of some of our larger appliances that we fit, such as the wash dry toilets that offer better hygiene and stability or the lever taps that provide support for muscle and joint disorders.

Monthly Donations

It can be the start of your continuous support for our services. By donating a monthly amount of up to £5, you will be contributing towards the running of our day-to-day services, such as our client phone calls with customer service, the software used by our team to generate smooth and efficient communications between contractors and ourselves to see that the job gets done quicker and our in-house facilities.

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The Story of a Client

The Story of a Client A recent case of someone who fell through the cracks
The Story of a Client
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