Joan Okutu


About Joan Okutu

Hello, my name is Joan and I have recently joined  Care and Repair as a Volunteer.

My previous work history has been mainly employment within the Voluntary Sector in Community Development roles.  This has taken various forms including supporting people with Mental Health/substance mis-use issues, Housing needs, Older people, Refugees and Families.  As a result of my previous employment, I was aware of the work of Care and Repair and had signposted clients to them.  I retired from work a few years ago and a result of quite a stressful period I decided to seek help from Care and Repair for myself.

I was truly amazed and thankful for the help and support I received and decided that I would offer to become a Volunteer.  I wanted to ‘give something back’ as I have volunteered for other organisations in the past. I was pleased to be accepted as a volunteer as this brings added interest to my retirement.

As a result, I have been able to tell others to contact Care and Repair to find our if they were also eligible for support.  From not knowing  ‘what to do next when I needed help,  I now know ‘what is possible’.