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From Overcrowded to Spacious

A lady living with her two children in a semi-detached council home had been struggling to use the stairs, bend down and walk easily in her home due to living with fibromyalgia. This changed significantly in the last couple of years and she now has a wheelchair.
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The Enhance Programme Helps Out

Mr R. a 94 year old gentleman who lived alone, was referred to the Enhance programme by his O.T. (Occupational Therapist) after discharge from hospital.

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A Bathroom Transformation

An elderly gentleman had been struggling to use the bath due to problems with his joints.
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What a Difference a Phone Call Makes

I was living alone and struggling with getting around due to muscle and bone disorder and dealing with arthritis.
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Assisting a Family with Hazards and Damp

A mother with husband and five children was struggling with arthritis and a long-term history of depression.
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Wet Room Transformation

A teenager with developmental problems, including noise sensitivity and involuntary movement and a mental health illness was finding it very difficult to use the wetfloor shower room installed twice by their housing management services.
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A Complete Turnaround for a Bathroom

A lady living with spinal stenosis and had been struggling to use her bath properly.
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Working With The Client to Meet Their Needs

A lady with arthritis and joint and muscle disorders required the funding for a wetroom and had been allocated the money by the council.
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Preventing Hazards in the Home

Mrs L lives alone and suffers with arthritis and back problems.
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